This snappy reissue commemorates a famous tiff brought about by something as insignificant as a harness strap and an unfortunate childhood trauma involving lunch money. Armadillo Dave and I locked horns for weeks over the incident.  It certainly sparked his creative juices as this fine piece of art  so illustrates.  A vote was cast (in favor of a trial) by the Bolsa Gang and the verdict was thought to prolong the feud so the spineless bastards in their infinite wisdom, called it a draw, order was restored and we all got back to the business of waiting for wind, refining wind forecast theories and rating the snapper.  I have been so tempted writing this to restate my case but the value of our friendship takes precedence.  But if you've got a minute I'd just like your see my harness strap was almost worn through from Bolsa abuse and....... 

My old Ala Mater.  The Buffalo Chips Restaurant was the eating part of the Oar House & was built to literally support the Oar House building that was seriously listing.  The food was great, cheap and there was always a lot of it.  This menu was from 1972.  The Hungry Mutha burger was 1 pound of beef with a whole dinner plate of fries.We wanted you to fill up with greasy food because it allowed you to drink more.  Buffalo Chips Restaurant is gone as a name but the building remains at 2941 Main St. Santa Monica, CA.

OK lets see...hmmmm..ahhhhh it...We were down in San Carlos huddled round a dying fire when Mumbles, to relieve a very pregnant pause in the conversation,  whips out a photo and says.."guess what this is?"  Well there were a lot of creative answers but nothing close to reality. After much ado he comes clean and we sit, wide eyed, and silent.  I commented that this would make great TOKE visual and he gives it to me.  This is what came out later...I think I'm gonna leave it at that ....anyway Mumbles is a new man and this is old news.  Screamin' Larry has quit the backside boys in favor of a solo career.

The other photo is a sixties night at PacifiCare. I changed clothes 6 times representing my metamorphosis from button down to shaggy dog hippie freak.  1963-1972. This is a poster for our Art department commemorating the event.



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