Tres Peccadillos Return

This time on Hawaii's North Shore. two thirds of the NMB present & accounted for. There

were dead animals. fits & my owm culpa maxima, the dreaded Self Imboppment.  Good

waves and good times.  Clark Merritt - Ed Salven - Kent Wally Wolcott in attendance


(below) Murphy's, a surf spot that very rarely breaks.  Located just behind Pt. Mugu in very upper Malibu, it takes a large winter swell to break.  The rest of the time the place is a lake.  This rare photo documents a session with Jay Riddle, Dane Kealoha, and a few other Malibu locals.  The beach is round bowling balls with a lethal shore pound.   Note the lip on this wave.  background is the edge of Pt. Magu Rock with waves wrapping around like a point. A few hundred yards south is Super Tubes.  Next time you are in the area stop and imagine this photo in context to the area.  Awesome!!

A slice in time at the Pleasant Hawaiian Holiday Advertising department.  I think is around 1986.  Lets see if I can name them all with their names at the time.  (Front row)- L-R   me, Kevin Burnett-AD, Burt Wilson DA, Shelley Richardson, Martin Schwartz, (Middle row) Curt Dawson, Eileen-VP PCH, Greg Potenza-PR, (Back Row) Marianne Richards, Margo Hill, Les Lampert- Colorgraphics, Christine Hardy, Margie Schiff.  We had a revolving door in our department.  It could be a very intense environment being owned by  entrepreneurs. But what ad agency isn't.

An embarrassing moment - Clark Merritt

A hilarious moment - Curt (Dawg)Dawson

CLARK's VERSION-I have so many embarrassing moments that its a shame I could not capitalize on it,  I'd be a freakin $$$$$$$$$$.

I was the class clown in my production  manager job at Pleasant Hawaiian Holidays. Always up to some devilish prank or joke.  Our Art dept.  used to have an old stat camera  (remember those?) that had chemicals that required the use of Playtex rubber gloves.  One day  Curt (Dawg) Dawson, an artist fellow indenturer, bet me I could not put that latex glove over my head. No problem, I thought.  I struggled for several minutes stretching it out and when I felt it was right,  went for it.  It was even more of a struggle to get it on, so much that I became winded in the process.  Finally the glove reached my neck and the deed was done.  Curt, in hysterics,  summoned the staff and they put some pink sunglasses on my latexed face.  The fingers protruding from the top of my head made me look like Leghorn Rooster.  More folks showed up to see  what the commotion was about as I pranced around like a chicken.  Then it became very apparent to me that I had not taken a deep breath before pulling it over my nose and mouth and I was now suffocating. I had an air tight, very secure hood on my face that wasn't about to easily come off.  I could not speak as I desperately tried to remove the glove from my head.  I became dizzy and stumbled blindly into desks knocking over books and desk items which to my audience seemed just like part of the act.  Still the glove would not budge.  Then came the 9 count.  That point where you give up and slide blissfully into unconsciousness.  I hit the ground like a felled mighty redwood .  My audience sensed something was afoot.  It took 3 people to quickly  surgically remove the glove and within a few moments I was conscious and staring up  into the worried faces of my audience which now included my boss.  And that my friends is the last time I have ever attempted that trick... but you know I could be persuaded if the ante was right . You see I have since figured it out. all I have to do is get Curt to.............

CURT's VERSION - That  freakin yardbird Merritt deserved everything he got and more..he rode me hard and put me away wet everyday in that hellhole of a sweatshop

it was hot & muggy in the art dept that day and I felt like either attempting to fry an egg on the Stat Camera or super gluing Mrs. Hogan's door shut again.  I glanced around the room for the glue and spotted the latex gloves standing straight up over in the corner.  Then it hit me...."man that looks just like the top of a chicken.", Just then Clark comes out of his office carrying on about something and the plan just came together.  "Hey doof "I said, " bet you can't put that glove over your head."  Merritt was always a sucker for a bet and before I could even lay out the odds, he was already stretching it out.  Hey I said "before you put it on let me color the tips with a red marker.  "  Too late, he was on a mission and when he was in that mode, forget about it.  He disappeared back in his office and about 3 minutes later out he comes totally blind and dancing like a chorus girl.  The way the glove was positioned the fingers really made him look like a rooster.  I started calling him leghorn and he immediately broke into the funky chicken...everyone in the art dept. was howling.  The I got the idea for the sunglasses.  I had  some other great ideas at the time but Clark just wouldn't stand still. We put them on his head and it brought the house down.

 This racket brought the rest of the Marketing , Hotels, and Air Tariffs staffs.  There was Clark, his finest hour , strutting around,  hands in armpits, flapping like wings and head bobbin like a proud bird.  Then he changed his routine .  I didn't realize he was trying to take off the glove...then he stumbled into an art table knocking over a rapidiograph set.  I remember looking over at Kevin Burnett who stopped laughing and became bug-eyed, mouth agape.... He says "hey Curt I think he's in trouble"....then Clark came careening into the room separator knocking over our art book library still trying to get the glove off.  He ricocheted off the book case stood erect but motionless for a moment and fell right over barely missing the chemical tray.  Kevin, Ken, and  Cara worked quickly  to cut off the glove, as the audience stood by motionless & stupefied.  I felt the best thing to do was to give him some breathing room so I went for a smoke.  I felt real bad about it until I pictured him doing the chicken,  then almost choked on my smoke. Meanwhile Shelly went and got Burt out of the executive meeting and after a few moments Clark regained consciousness.  Burt said smiling as he bent  over Clark " Merritt you got some esplanin to do.  Then he looked around and said "where's Dawg?"  I was just coming back in the dept. looking innocent as ever.   "Right here Burt, just got back from the typesetter" I said. I remember Clark looking up at me with that famous Merritt scowl and muttering- "Dawg, you     f--ker!" and I knew right then- sometime, someplace, I was gonna get mine and I did but that's another story.

Then it was over .


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