The Board that started it all


DISCLAIMER & Shameless Plug

The side  two photos were taken by Mark Brandes of  Mark Brandes Photography-Westlake Village, a fine art portrait photo artisan who has always taken the time for my last minute requests - this fine example was for  Publisher Clay (bottom) Feeter, Windtracks.

This shameless attempt to make good should maintain our friendship in good standing.  If not ....look for more shameless plugs, banners, sky writings and hand painted bus benches until all is made right.  Seriously,  Mark is a great guy and an even greater fine art portraitist...hey, check out the Mud Pie for the "all time"practical joke he and Kevin Burnett played on me.



Above Trio Shot, another great Mark Brandes original- Shheeeesshh!!


Tales from San Fernando Velicata - The post mission years

After only reading a few lines of the prologue, literary coach Tom Byrnes councils - "this is the worst trailer trash I've ever tried.  If you insist on a part time job - try Home Depot as a fork lift loader.  Tried that but failed the proficiency test ..and that my friends is yet another story.        photo  Levititcus  with Promilius as tripod

Born too late for the Alamo, had to settle for ALAMOGORDO 1955

Standing on the SM side of POP Pier site looking at Venice Breakwater Thursday in a week's worth of

gigumbus waves during the New Zealand swell of 1975

early 1972 just after Pepperdine took the white lighthouse from the jetty.  The future home of Baywatch.

In this photo a local Wilkings Surfboard rider snags a mid-morning clean one. Rich Wilkings was

 also also the resident  architect for the Oar House

In search of the perfect image for the the epic saga -"In search for Centenario"