My High School Pride & Joy

 and my best board ever

10'0 Surfboards Hawaii Model A



One of the many "bennie's" of the infamous corporate boondoggle.  Fine dining, dressing up and making new friends at the drop of an eye or hat ....every pun intended while making a fool of yourself in front of people you never intend to see again.  This was another one of "those"... complete with Hopkins Death March, travel hijinks and fine dining (pictured here at Bodines Pork BBQ & auto detailing center) somewhere east of  I-95, west of sanity and definitely south of the Mason Dixon Line.  The waitress -Helen of Troy (State of Georgia- not the classic cradle of civilization) so named because her peer - the other Helen from Ralphsburg, has seniority,  is taking the photo and serving up the pork ribs. 

She later admitted after seeing her over inflated West Coast gratuity, that she was giggling so uncontrollably  - she soiled her apron.  Both Janice & I get a XMAS card from her every year since 1995 with pictures of every new grandkid & funeral notice.

 Explanations are certainly in order but  will be politely avoided.  REALLY!