Although I will never be in love with the Huntington Beach City Counsel - I do love the Pier. (I still think they should have leased Main St. to Disney, once you've seen one facade, parade and Mickey Mouse act....)  I try to buy everything at HSS & feel guilty buying anything at Jacks but I do (sheeet).  I don't spend nearly enough time at HB Beer Company, Fred's or Dukes, and Starbucks is way too far to walk for  a buzzz.  Hell, if its a buzzz you want,  just hang out under the pier for a contact that'll make even Roe Mung take a powder. Sorry Roe,  after that herbal-n-bean burrito supreme cranial wrap  last month, the pier monkey's are still doing face plants into the pilings after only one bite.  Anyway- here is a collection of early evenings, mornings, & any other interesting time and or place this fall that makes it all worth living in HB (well almost...the freakin' $125 parking pass thing is hard to rationalize & about that stoplight at Seapoint ....see money can buy you nice things, just ask the old mayor).   Wow it just hit me how much I still miss the salads at George's Surf Shop after that 0'dark hundred sesh, the Golden Bear, grumpy ole Chuck Dent, Wind-n-Sea & Rick Griffin.... especially Rick Griffin & his art......And though as out of place as this message may appear I now have to chalk up another great icon lost forever ...Mickey Dora died January 2, 2002 of cancer...WOW!  You were a bad boy Mickey AND one of the greatest surfers ever.   I was always right there cheering you on as you struck back against the surfing establishment , showing  us graphically that we were all just hatters & errands boys, in the way & clueless. 

Hope you didn't have to take the elevator down.   DORA RULES!


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