WildHare MMagers sometimes have too much free time on their hands.  This was remedied when a brewing gift certificate found its way into our offices a few years ago.  After a few wicked battles, a car keying, nasty poutings and finally a reluctant compromise with conditions - RED TIDE ALE  was born. Soon after it was necessary to form the Bolsa Chica Brewing & Bottling Company to assist in keeping up with the tremendous demand - and life ain't been the same since.!

 An instant hit with the Bolsa Chica Windsurfing crew, its popularity spread to the general populace as a Huntington Beach Surf City Soul Brew.  The jury is in but...as will happen, they've passed out in the process of reaching the verdict.  But a good time was had by all. This bold boast is assumed or implied by the scuff marks found on the conference room table and something unmentionable dangling from the now crooked & damp lamp shade monogrammed with the words "Tuesday's Child". (disclaimer- YOUR RESULTS MAY VARY) Nobody's talking about it and I'm not about to start an infamous probing investigation into the matter. I'll leave that one in the hands of the politicians along with a handsome 6 pack sampler ....for medicinal purposes only, you understand.

But it is safe to say that no employees, jurists, small animals  or innocent by-standers have been hurt or reported missing so the tests are concluded to be a resounding success.

 RED TIDE ALE  is  brewed  to  be  akin  to  a  wide  variety  of  fine  Scottish  Ales.  Each  Ale  is blended to respond   very   favorably  when  accented  with  a  quick  squeeze of lemon or anything else worth squeezin' but for best results we recommend sticking to  tart  citrus.    It   has  become  the   favorite   among   the  Bolsa  Cheatya WindSlaves and Loose Tit, renowned rodential companion and confidant of Ramon  A. Paddywack  - at large.   As is recited on most teasingly windless afternoons..............."We come for the wind, stay for the snapper......and wash it all down with a Red Tide Ale.  As a result  RTA comes complete with printed sagely directive  -  Drink hearty & don't be a dumbass."    It had to be done because too date,  no  one has  figured  out   how  to  create, implement  & administer "the  Designated Sailor Program".

BOXCAR BRYSON'S GOLDENWEST LAGER  or G-DUB-YA LAGA for short.  Now here's a story worth repeating.  There is a surf spot right off GoldenWest St. and the Cliffs  in Huntington Beach. It is a cloudbreak mysto surf spot because it rarely breaks. To you Fresno farm boys & Fullerton Freshman that means it sits offshore a piece and breaks out in deep water.   It is unique because it is a  manmade reef composed of cable cars from  the old Red Line Railroad.  Take your pick - Box Cars,  Cable Cars, Mystos & Brysons Reef- its all the same place & it  takes a mighty south or west swell to make it come alive and a hearty crew to make it out past the shore pound & current to surf it.  When it does go off, an old silver haired surfer, just as mysterious, arrives on the scene to catch the best of it - time & tide.  He is rumored by locals to be a ghost oil roustabout from the old Standard Oil derrick days  as no one sees him enter or leave the water.   He rides it with the style and grace of the big wave riders of yesteryear.....not flashy but well balanced and tuned in to every subtle nuance of the big wave's character. Knowing only his name, the local  boys give him plenty of room when he strokes his 11 foot Greg Noll rhino chaser into the outside rolling wave face.   Bolsa Chica Brewers & Bottling Company salutes Boxcar Bryson's  legacy with a golden Lager.  G-DUB-YA LAGA is a perfectly balanced, full bodied lager that even women  & light beer drinkers praise as "Totally Acceptable". 


The labels below proudly take their place in history as satisfying

 the taste buds & soothing the minds of their inbibulous hosts.










T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Caps & mugs available soon - I promise. 

For more information call, write or howl out to-

Clark Merritt    www.clarkmerritt@wildharemmages.com or 714-815-8905

and now...(quick pull the curtain Fred...)

RUDY'S MESA ALLSTAR ALE.........Ahhhh Senior Rudy...... San Carlos' home boy, Pescador Pro and MyGyver Especial.  Rudy preserves and polishes this prestigious title everyday on land & sea.  His landmark accomplishment  (which earned him this Special Edition) was to rescue stranded victims of a desert dirt road vehicle breakdown.  His lifesaving technique included jumping up on the engine compartment, wrapping a rope around the flywheel of the sickly 8 cylinder behemoth and starting it like a lawn mower.  Rudy also gets major kudos for exposing to the  giving Philippe & I to the secrets of the Mesa and interior environs.  Our label captures his passion for baseball and the recently formed Fish Camp ball club that competes against other teams up and down the Baja coast.  He looks a little like Ted Williams don't you think?

WildHare acknowledges these triumphs of desert survival with a special brew- strong, hearty with the exalted snort & kick of a wild burro just jump started by Rudy's rope & boot.  Grab a lime and a good bottle of sippin' tequila 'cuz the good times are about to roll out the barrel when you crack the lip of this robust ale.  Please try and have the burro back by sun-up.


"Here's to a truly unique talented, ingenuous man and  great unofficial Mexican good will ambassador."