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Everything on this site has been copyrighted. The photography, graphics, or text included in this site may be downloaded for personal use with my blessing, in fact I appreciate it.  It may also be used for comping purposes and things are all warm & fuzzy up until you try and use it to make money...then we gotta talk.  And its best we talk before you use it.  I am very generous and charitable and probably do more bro deals than I should.  I am high on honesty in business, very negotiable and try my best to accommodate tight budgets.  My attorney handles all the ugly stuff but that only happens every once in a while.


don't be fooled by big brown eyes

No need - Contact me to inquire about using or purchasing anything here ..except the rabbit-Mescalito......she is for rent. I do get a fair amount of requests for screen backgrounds...find something you like and I'll try my best to .zip it and send it to you via e-mail.

I 'd love to hear from you-good & bad.  Just use the  e-mail.  That said ..... lets get on to the fun stuff.



"...Anyone who has ever had to spend at least an hour

with Clark Merritt will walk away with a story of some kind,

work with him for a year and you could write a book..."

quote from 1992 salary performance review

They never did quite explain what that meant, couldn't have been too bad, I walked out with a 10% increase so I never asked.  Even more curious, at a large bachelor party once, someone got up and said  "I bet everybody here has a Clark Merritt story", the whole room woefully sighed in unison-including the donkey!  I'd never seen that donkey before in my life.

My Story - I'm hopelessly stuck to it

In 1975 I started a company called Pacific Vision Photography of Santa Monica California. I was working full time at the Oar House which by comparison to the real world of corporate America was part-time at best. This allowed me to shoot photos and surf everyday...and that ain't bad. What the Oar House did for me was to develop my keen eye for character, not the building kind but the kind that makes for interesting copy.  You see, there was never a shortage of characters down on Main St. in the 70's.  But as Main St. grew up into its designer respectability so did the Oar House and soon there was no more room for characters.  So Life's little twists and turns from the fastlane dumped me off at Countyline Malibu-  another  haven for characters, great photographs and gooood surf. It was pretty darn close to 20 years later 'till I migrated down to Huntington Beach- yet another haven for characters, good surf and other folks like Bob Citron & Dennis Rodman.  Say wouldn't you just love to see them do a remake of that classic "B" SciFi thriller "The man with 2 heads".

During the course of that adventure I traveled to faraway, exotic places and met some VERY interesting characters. See Mudpies It was a good time in my life.  I was in my mid twenties, old enough to understand life's more complex meanings and still young enough to bounce back from the face plant some of them gave me.  And WOW!, that hurt something awful! The experience has helped me repeatedly ever since, although it gave my cosmic third eye  the vision of a cross-eyed, ice-pucked goalie on his 3rd hit and his 4th six-pack.  

While still in Malibu I thought I needed an unusual silent partner to help me perpetuate my rather bohemian lifestyle.  Friends said "you need a dog", "not me" I said "I need something 3 points off center that I can feed.  The stuffed armadillo, although unique, did nothing for my guests or the maid .  Enter the Jittabunny, a brown-eyed, brown-furred, margarita loving rabbit with a white toe nub that taught me more about life than all that traveling did those years before. Or as Traig Trumbo discovered while house-sitting, that bunny was quite the cute "chick magnet". JB had character, probably because she was never caged.    Although she's was not as spontaneous as she used to be with the disposition of Fred Sanford, we  both settled into a routine that prevented her from nippin' me too often and me from threatening to cut her off from those Simpson re-runs (her favorite TV show) and force her to watch a night of DISCOVERY CHANNEL'S - Wicked Hunters Week.

It was during our exodus from the Malibu fires to Huntington that the thought occurred to me to change my  business name to WildHare MMages.  Wait, maybe it was the Centenario that did that or that old man that told me to throw away the dead flowers...anyway. My photography was always a few points left of center or to be polite- "unique" and my creative writing was more along the lines of bizarre- yet entertaining, and just marketable enough to keep me in new sail gear and a petite envelope full of fan mail down at Chez Feeter's rag mill. It just seemed to fit my insanity at the time which has, (by anyone who knows me will tell you with wide-eyed conviction, including that loose lipped donkey)  only intensified over time.

So here I am, still shooting photos, still conjuring' tall tales from the epic seshes of life's little left turns from the right lane and helpin' out folks with their business models, and strategic marketing plans.  In-between, I manage a regular morning surf sesh with wave sailing most windy afternoons down at the Bolsa Chica. I'm in Baja every chance I get ...residing comfortably at  Senor Trejo's SoloSports Campo in Punta San Carlos- tugging incessantly at the power cord that somehow got plugged in to my psyche at the far end of the Mesa and sorting out just how & why MC ended up in the middle of all of it.  I'm still surrounded by a rich cache of characters with a few miscreants thrown to "kick it up  a notch" and that keeps me plenty busy rustlin' up a new long, tall tale or two to amuse those "cosmic banditos" still coherent enough to take it in & turn the page. 

As for JB, she was knockin down a little wine or her favorite Cadillac Margarita  on a respectably regular basis, in between naps & stretches and Simpson episodes; waiting I guess, for something more interesting to happen or the final ascent up to that majestic berry patch in the sky.  And then it happened. 

BunnyJitters got the callin at 10:30am 8.01.03 and promptly left the building.  As a lasting tribute to her I will retain her image on this site and in this artwork.   There  has never  been a more spectacular rabbit in my life than her.  She shall be missed.  There will be other rabbits and who knows?.....they may surpass her stellar record of service....but I doubt it.

As a legacy she left 15 raspberry bushes in the back yard....all from those droppings made famous by struggling comic Traig Trumbo during the Secos dawg daze of 92.  SALUD BUNNYJITTERS!

Enter the Mescalito - It took about  week before I couldn't stand it  anymore so there is a new employee hopping around the studio.  Every bit the Jittabunny with a few twists thrown in. That's her at the top of the page  - 2 months old and fired up!


So let's talk SWOT or have a safety meeting or whatever

  • Photography- specializing in water photos with a housing or Canon 600 f4, 35mm; 645 or 4x5 (See Piso Mojado or Planet Huntington section of the site), Traditional portraiture, commercial and travel photography  but absolutely no weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, funerals, P.I.  work, pet portraiture, lower G.I. med photos or high attitude reconnaissance. (it scares the jitters out of you know who) 
  • Stock Photography- call and ask or browse around if you find something you like- lets talk....everything is for sale, except Mescalito- but she is for rent , movies, magic shows, Easter ads or chick magnet outings at the beach. Ask for rates.
  • Copywriting- lets talk, I'm negotiable, OK, I'll even work for food but its gotta be fresh, & no more roadkill, yeah even fresh road kill - I'm over it..
  • Pregnancy testing - we have an incredible track record cuz the rabbit ain't died yet.
  • Strategic market planning for fun stuff only, War Widget makers need not apply, funeral directors as well and absolutely nothing to do with cigarettes or ZIMA or Tucks.  Recent addition Gotta add SPAM now...Who'ed a figured?
  • Beer & beer labels, now that's different
  • Stand-ins for male relatives  that your intended audience has or has not heard about but never seen (female relatives are significantly more expensive but quite the hoot!)- You should see me at weddings - I can cry you a puddle, stream or swollen river.  I specialize in boyfriends, husbands, bosses, neighbors and have quite a variety of bit gags and situation setups. My award winning lotto routine will bring the house down at your next party.   rates available upon request
  • FileMaker Pro Databases development.  Reasonably priced!
  • Computer PC & Mac issues in a networked environment - especially good at cross-plat formed in-house or agency art departments.
  • Credible reference - take your chances

Well that's about all my attorney would allow  me to convey on  "what's up down at the WildHare"  Inquire at your own risk   but remember as the ball cap proudly touts - "No Balls, No Blue Chips.  Got it?

No? Well keep surfin this site, it will come to you. If not by then ....well then kick the back button Buford ain't worthy and get that  frickin cat outta here!


Wanna e-mail the WildHare?  Tap lightly above.  Be patient, I have my SPAM filter set on kill.